Jeff Shaw is the #1 most cutting edge Instructor in the country. Jeff is a PGA Professional  who has been teaching for 38 years.  Jeff is a PGA Tour Instructor, a Master Instructor with RoboGolfPro, a Master green reading instructor, a Master fitter with Wright Balance, a Master fitter with Edel Golf and a Senior AimPoint instructor. He is the only Professional in the world who uses all 4 of these tools at this level to actually fix swings, putting strokes and ultimately play better golf !




Wright Balance

Jeff is a Master fitter with Wright Balance. Do you know what is your dominant core region ? Get fit and find out. Know what stance width's you should be hitting from, which ultimately affect grip and swing. 

AimPoint Express

Jeff is a Master green reading instructor and a Senior AimPoint instructor who conducts AimPoint clinics throughout the Pacific Northwest, Southern California and as far away as Cabo. Learn how to read any putt, on any green anywhere in the world. 


Jeff iis a Master RoboGolfPro instructor and the 1st Professional in the world to purchase the robotic swing trainer. Are you tired of hitting thousands of golf balls only to go back to your same old swing? Feel your perfect swing with parameters set for your body type and your specific core region. 

Edel Golf

Jeff is a Master fitter with Edel Golf. Get fit for the last putter you'll ever need, the proper wedge with the correct bounce for your attack angle and single length irons which make hitting iron shots easier than ever.